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Is It Really Possible to Make Money Online? Basic Facts

The simple one word answer is “Yes”.

BUT- it takes time, dedication and perseverance. Do not expect to become successful and make millions overnight. Many of the big names in the internet were the results of a lot of initial hard work, and in some cases huge financial investments. (It took Amazon over 7 years to announce a profit).

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income in the long term, and are prepared to work hard in the short term for potentially little financial reward, setting up an online business can be a solution.

How can you make money online?

There are many different ways to make money online. When you start up, there will probably be many competitors, and getting the first order or job will take time.

The other pages on this website will give you some ideas and tips about making money online.

BEWARE: There are plenty of so-called business opportunities offering you the opportunity to make a lot of money in a short time. The likelihood is that the opportunity is some form of scam.

What do you need to make money online?

In simple terms you need a computer and an internet connection. However that is not the full story. You also need to have a skill or offer a service for which there is a demand. Other pages on this website give more details on some of the ways to make money online.

How do you start making money online?

The starting point for any business, whether online or not is with the initial idea. The next stage is research to see if you have competition and working out how you will be different. Once you have done that, it is easy to set up a website. However the promotion of it and getting it up the search engine rankings is where many online businesses have the most difficulty.

How long will it take to start making money online?

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on what product/service you are offering. For instance if you start as an outlet to sell your own craft items, you will have the expense of the raw materials to take into account as well as the expenses involved in setting up a website. It will take time for sales to accumulate and, you may not make money for a year or more. Further, you could find that you are in competition with large companies who use their website as a marketing tool rather than to make money.

What about freelancing?

Unless you are very lucky, it usually takes up to three months or more before you will be earning enough from freelancing to make a steady income. There are many types of freelancing jobs, or you could become a freelance SEO consultant, and help other webmasters build a business. It takes a while to build up a solid customer base. The posts on freelancing go into more detail about this.

What about tax?

Certainly in the UK, and probably most other jurisdictions, the tax authorities are watching the internet for new businesses, and will expect you to pay tax just like any other person or business.

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing

There are several ways to draw attention to a business. The first ways it to buy their attention, or beg for their attention. You do this through paid advertisements such as flyers, business cards, television commercials and billboards. This is referred to as outbound marketing. The second way is to invite your customers in or entice them by showing them what you have, by allowing them to visit you online. This is done with keywords placed throughout your website, along with search engine optimization, podcasts, eBooks and other methods similar. This is referred to as inbound marketing.

The difference between the two can be pretty obvious: cost. An inbound marketing agency will use the tools of the trade to invite the customers into your business, blog, or website and continue the trend so long as you follow the instructions you were given. Overall the cost for hiring an inbound marketing agency to use their inbound marketing strategies for your business is a far smaller one than that used to buy your customers attention.

Let’s say a simple business card comes in a box as small as 100 and generally run about $10. So you are paying .10 per card just to hand out to someone. You bought 100 customers this way. Of course to be successful you will need a lot more than a 100 customers so continue to multiply this cost by how many customers you want. An average brick and mortar retail business can have around 400 customers a day. By using inbound marketing on your web business you can have 1000 or more a day browsing and buying.


Freelance SEO in London

For those of you who do not know what SEO stands for. It is termed as Search Engine Optimization. Freelance SEO is usually done independently. This is the process of good key SEO (25)terms the bad. Essentially it is the job of an SEO company of freelance SEO’s to keep their clients ranked on the search engines as high as possible. To become a freelance SEO, you do not need any essential training neither you have to fancy degrees. You just have to be willing to learn and be able to put hours into learning the basics.
Freelance SEO’s have four basic things to learn which are as follows:

  • Keyword search
  • Competitive analysis
  • On-site analysis
  • Link building

One thing to take into notice is that you will not be able to be an expert in all of these factors once and for all.
It all depends on which route you take in the beginning to be less daunting. However regardless of the route you take, you still need to understand the basics of SEO and that how all the four factors work together. If you learn all these four factors, you will have a relative knowledge what freelance SEO is all about. When getting started, you should tend to do competitive analysis and keyword search all together . You are going to get quite a few advantages from doing this.

Choosing the Best eCommerce Solution

In today’s technology driven world, online shopping has become increasingly popular, which has caused many businesses to expand and open online stores. With so many different companies offering a variety of solutions, how are small business owners to know what is the best solution for their eCommerce needs? It is always best to look to the credibility of the web development companies that are claiming they have the best solution for your needs. Look for reviews by other individuals or businesses who have utilized a company’s eCommerce services. Companies with the strongest portfolios are the best choice as their work speaks for itself. One such eCommerce provider that has worked with and provided online stores for acclaimed companies such as Nike and Toms is Magento.

Magento design

Magento design

Magento offers a variety of unique solutions that caters to clients’ specific needs, whether for the small business or mid to large-sized business. Their packages include premium hosting, flexible design, marketing support, and more all at an affordable price. Having worked with other world-respected brands such as North Face, Paul Smith, Oneida, and more than 100,000 more, Magento offers cost-effective solutions for any company’s eCommerce needs. Magento also has a reputable consulting department that works with merchants to analyze their practices and provide them with recommendations for success. On top of that, Magento design just like WordPress, is completely customisable and allows you to change the entire look of your store with just a few clicks.

Eight Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Eight Must-Have WordPress PluginsHere are some of the most useful plugins for WordPress that will add functionality to your site in a variety of areas.

1. Akismet

Askimet is a free plugin for personal use, designed to combat spam comments. Askimet will not only filter blog comment link spam, it also filters spam trackback pings.

Although originally developed as a stand alone plugin, Askimet has proved so successful at combating spam, it is now integrated by default in all WordPress installations, so there is no need to install the plugin.

To use Akismet with your wordpress blog, it is necessary to obtain a WordPress API Key, which is like your own WordPress password.  You will need to create a wordpress.com account, then you will be able to find the API key on your profile. The API can be obtained by signing up at:



2. All in One SEO

 Without using plugins to optimize your WordPress blog, it may need a little help to get the desired results you wish in the search engine results. The best plugin to help you with your search engine optimization, is undoubtedly the All in One SEO plugin.

The plugin provides what is missing in WordPress, including the description, keywords, the blog title and post titles.

When you have installed the plugin, visit you can change the default settings within your dashboard to suit your preferences.



 3. Google XML Sitemaps

 The Google XML Sitemap plugin will help the major search engines to index your blog. It also allows the search engines to see the structure of your blog.

The plugin will support all types of WordPress generated pages and also custom URLs. It will also notify the major search engines whenever you make a new post.

The XML sitemap was introduced in 2005 by Google, and the following year adopted by Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com, but as Google was the first to use the XML sitemaps, hence the name of the plugin – Google XML Sitemap plugin. It’s important to have a sitemap if you want your blog to be completely scraped by Google.

Once you have installed the plugin, the sitemap creation process is just about self-explanatory. You only have to build the sitemap once. After that, it will be done automatically.



4. Sociable

 Sociable is a plugin which adds social media buttons to your posts, which easily allows visitors to add your post to their social bookmarking accounts.

Whether your visitors are on Twitter, Digg, Facebook or many other social network sites, (You can choose from around 99 different social bookmarking sites!) this plugin will allow your blog’s content to be effortlessly shared.



5. Digg This

 “Digg This” is another very popular plugin, that you will have seen on numerous blogs. The plugin detects incoming links from Digg.com to your wordpress blog post, and automatically displays a link back to the digg post, for people to digg your post with one click, therefore adding to your votes.

The latest version of the plugin takes advantage of the new Digg integration tools, this plugin watches your WordPress posts and automatically adds the new “Digg Story Button” if and when your post is dugg. Simply activate the plugin and ad the code as instructed, if any post is ever dugg the button will appear on that post’s page automatically.

When a digg is first recognized. an email is sent to the blog’s admin, informing of the Digg.



6. Show Top Commentators

 The Show Top Commentators plugin for WordPress encourages more comments and discussion from your readers, as their name (and a link to their website if provided) will be listed on your sidebar.

If your blog is in need of more comments, this plugin is an excellent way of enticing visitors to leave a comment and to return to your blog to leave more comments.

If you are focusing on improving your own search engine ranking with certain keywords, you can take advantage of this plugin when you see it placed on other blogs.Visit some of your favorite high ranking sites and work on getting on their top commentators lists. Enter the keyword you want to work rank for in the name field when writing your comments so that the keyword of your choice will show up in the sidebar.



7. Related Posts

 The Related Posts plugin is a handy tool that displays a list of contextually related posts beneath the current post.

You have the option of choosing how many related posts you would like to display, and you can opt to exclude posts from certain categories as well as exclude pages.



 8. Share This

 This is another very popular widely used plugin. The Share This plugin allows your users to share your blog’s content via social bookmarking sites or to send it to a friend via email, Facebook, Twitter, AIM and more.

You will be able to see the plugin in action on many blogs that you visit.


SEO Dubai by Professionals

SEO Dubai companies face greater challenges in this city, compared with the companies that offer specialized services for other cities, because of the specifics of this city. SEO Dubai

Websites need multi language support, a modern interface for tourists, but also a traditional look for the Arabian visitors. In Dubai, quality is more important than anything, so the websites of those giant companies can’t disappoint. For this reason, if you need a well-designed website with unique widgets, and with that sparkle that attracts the eye, the SEO Company is the one that you need.

The Google algorithms are always changing; therefore, the rules that are applied today might not exist tomorrow. This is why the SEO campaigns today must bring organic traffic to websites today, in order to keep those on the first places of Google results. With the right company and the right attitude, your website would be the most visited of your niche in Dubai!


Search Engine Optimisation for Better Results

My mum owns a small website advertising her skills as a children’s party caterer. She has been in business for around seven years now, and most of her clients over that time have been obtained through word-of-mouth. Last year a friend of my brother offered to do her website; he’s a very good professional web designer, but as it was my brother’s mum he did the work for around 30% of what he usually charges. The site looks fantastic but my mum was really disappointed to find that she didn’t get any orders through it. This was not really surprising because if you typed in any keyword phrases relating to my mum’s business into Google, she would either come up on the second or third pages. As you probably know yourself, you rarely look beyond the first three results when looking up something on Google or Bing, and even if you do go further down the first page the times you click through to the second page are practically zero.

search engine optimization london

My brother recommended that my mum tried what he referred to as the best search engine optimization London has to offer. she was a little bit wary because she didn’t want to spend more money that she didn’t have. However she has had fantastic results, and now her catering website appears on the first page of Google. Usually around the middle of the page – number five or six. However, we hope within a month or two that she will rise even further up the SERPs and the orders will continue coming.

Because I use WordPress for my blogs, it is pretty easy to optimise my posts fairly well for the search engines. There are plenty of good plug-ins for search engine optimisation on the WordPress platform, both paid and free.


Keep the spammers away: top anti-spam tools for wordpress

WordPress is almost undoubtedly the most popular blogging software that you can install on your own website. With that position at the top – there is the possibility of exploitation of a lot of vulnerabilities; especially with being an open source application. If you happen to run a website with a wordpress blog installed, you likely already know the constant havoc that comment spammers can throw at you. Smaller, less popular blogs might get a few spam comments a week: larger, more popular blogs face the relentless thrashing of blog spam each and every day. These blogs appreciate the tools that can help keep the comment spammers at bay, at least they appreciate any help that can help them combat this problem in an automated way. The net-security.org website lists 10 wordpress anti spam tools (http://www.net-security.org/article.php?id=987&p=1): which you should check out if you’re having an issue with comment spam and your WordPress blog.

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