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Migrate an HTML or PHP Site to WordPress

If you have an aged website that was built using an older language such as HTML, PHP or ASP, we can migrate the site to the latest version of WordPress. This allows you to use all the cool features of WordPress, as well as the added bonuses including the ability to edit your site from any computer or mobile device and there’s no need to edit HTML or use FTP software. WordPress is 100% customisable, allowing you to present your brand exactly as you like.
Many site owners are afraid the site may break when transferring from an old language, but you don’t need to worry as our expert team will take care of the entire migration and your new WordPress site will look just as you want it, ready to use.
The site will not go down during the process. The new WordPress site will be created on a separate hosting location and only go live and moved to your current host when we are sure it is completely finalised and 100% working.

This service includes:

  • The migration of your old site (HTM, PHP, ASP) to WordPress
  • Migration of all written content and images
  • Recreation of categories
  • Migration of client data if applicable
  • Redirection of all pages to the new URLs so you do not lose rankings
  • Complete database migration


To get started, we will need your current cPanel login, and if you are planning on getting a more WordPress friendly hosting service, we will need that login also. If you change hosts, we will also need your domain registrar login.
If you would like your outdated site upgraded to WordPress, contact us for a fast and free quote.