Speed Up Your WordPress Website

It’s no secret Google loves fast loading, well-optimized sites, and will reward them for it by giving them a higher rank than their slow-loading counterparts. However, bringing a script heavy modern WordPress site up to speed can be a challenge, and maybe other “experts” have told you it is impossible to make it faster due to too many external scripts.

Our techniques go beyond installing a few new optimisation plugins, we use our coding skills and advanced techniques. In rare cases, we may even have to add custom code to turbocharge your site.

This service includes:

  • Configuration of your WordPress hosting
  • Disabling hotlinking to prevent your content being leeched
  • Optimisation of your WordPress database.
  • Optimisation of your homepage for the fastest possible loading
  • Browser caching leverage.
  • Compression enablement
  • Minification of HTML, CSS and Javascript


We’ll need your WordPress installation login before we can start work.

If you want us to supercharge your WordPress site, please contact us with your URL, and we’ll get back to you very quickly with our best quote.

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